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Traduction hors-ligne

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Implicitement si vous avez l'intention de traduire des pages hors ligne, cela suppose que vous en avez l'expérience avec Lokalize ou un outil similaire, et donc cette page ne concerne que la partie en ligne du processus, c'est à dire la partie réalisée dans TechBase.


  • Request addition to the Translator group:
    • Click on Get a Translator Account in the sidebar
    • Click on the Edit tab and enter your username, the language you want to translate for and if you intend to translate off-line
    • Use Save page to save the information
  • When your user has been added to the group (you should get an e-mail notification), click on Start Translating in the sidebar
  • Enter the language you want to translate to in Language code and click on Go (You can select to suppress pages that are 100% complete.)
  • Choose your page to work on, from the list presented - this will take you to the tool where you choose on-line or off-line translation.
  • In order to reduce the risk of edit conflicts, upload your work frequently. You can continue to work on other sections from your downloaded file - import will know which sections are new.

Exporter la page

  • The top combi-box I want to... should be set to Export translation in Gettext format.
  • Check that the page-name and language are correctly set.
  • Go completes the export.

Import the new translation

Initially you are requested to send the translated file to us. Here is the procedure:

  • Click the Special Pages link in the sidebar.
  • In the Wiki data and tools section, click Import Translations.
  • You can assign the URL of the file, or a file that was already uploaded in this wiki, or upload your translated po files directly.
  • After uploading the files, a diff page will be shown. You can examine each modified entry there.

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