Kotoistaminen erilistiedostona

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Other languages:Czech 30% • ‎Greek 94% • ‎English 100% • ‎Spanish 70% • ‎Finnish 94% • ‎Italian 94% • ‎Polish 94% • ‎Brazilian Portuguese 94%

Otaksutaan, että jos aiot kotoistaa sivuja erillistiedostoina, sinulla on jotain kokemuksia Lokalize-työkalusta tai samanlaisista työkaluista, siksi tämä sivu osoittaa vain prosessin verkko-osaan eli siihen osaan, joka suoritetaan TechBase-sivustolla.


  • Request addition to the Translator group:
    • Click on Get a Translator Account in the sidebar
    • Click on the Edit tab and enter your username, the language you want to translate for and if you intend to translate off-line
    • Use Save page to save the information
  • When your user has been added to the group (you should get an e-mail notification), click on Start Translating in the sidebar
  • Enter the language you want to translate to in Language code and click on Go (You can select to suppress pages that are 100% complete.)
  • Choose your page to work on, from the list presented - this will take you to the tool where you choose on-line or off-line translation.
  • In order to reduce the risk of edit conflicts, upload your work frequently. You can continue to work on other sections from your downloaded file - import will know which sections are new.

Vie sivu

  • The top combi-box I want to... should be set to Export translation in Gettext format.
  • Check that the page-name and language are correctly set.
  • Go completes the export.

Tuo uusi kotoistaminen

Initially you are requested to send the translated file to us. Here is the procedure:

  • Use the Upload file link in the sidebar to import your file.
  • Place a message on New Imports giving the filename of the upload.
  • Once we have confirmed that there are no problems we will show you how to upload your own future translations.

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