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This page lists more concrete steps to integrate online routing support. Code is currently available at http://nienhueser.de/git/marble.git
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== Step 1: Basic workflow (done) ==
* UI to select source and destination via map clicks
* UI to select source and destination via runners (esp. OSM namefinder)
* UI to display routing instructions
* Implement a routing provider base
* Implement routing provider for CloudMade, parse resulting gpx and feed to routing display
== Step 2: Marble Widget Layer (in progress) ==
* Make a custom routing paint layer which displays routing points: Start, destination, intermediate points. Waypoints, possibly connected. Routing instructions.
* Bonus points for
** Making the paint layer a QAbstractItemView working on the same model as the routing instructions list view and sharing the selection model with it
** Make source/destination points movable directly in the map
** Provide tooltips / unfolding for routing instructions
* Integrate the paint layer with MarbleWidget/MarbleMap. Eventually extend LayerManager to support adding layers not via plugins.
== Step 3: Integrate with search UI ==
* Merge UI in MarbleControlBox: Search via runners and routing can be done from the same widget similar to how Google Maps does it
* Default Search is pretty much the same, but has a "Routing mode" button which adds a second search widget (likely more to support intermediate targets)
* Search results are shown in the list view as before. The selected search result is kept track of and taken as the source/destination point.
* Once all routing points are known (user selected a search result or clicked on the map for both routing source and destination and intermediate points, if any), the "Get Directions" button can be used to fetch routing instructions from the current routing provider
* Routing results are shown in the same list view as marble runner search results
== Step 4: Plugins ==
* Refactor marble runners to be plugins
* Refactor routing providers to be plugins
* Routing providers and marble runners share a common base
== Step 5: Configuration ==
* Support routing customization: By car, by bycyle, ...
== Step 6: More routing providers ==
* Integrate openrouteservice.org (permission to use in Marble kindly granted by them)
* Integrate yournavigation.com
* Implement scoring, auto-choose the best provider/result
* Google Maps can not be integrated due to its terms of service
== Step 7: Icons ==
Ask the oxygen guys if they can help out with some icons:
* route-start (Starting point for routing)
* route-destination (Destination point for routing)
* route-alternative (Ambiguous source/destination search string: User needs to pick one of several alternative points)
* route-instruction (Intermediate route point with turn instructions)
* route-select-start (Action to pick route start in the map. Might be equal to route-start)
* route-select-destination (Action to pick route destination in the map. Might be equal to route-destination)

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