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[ tested with Qt sdk 2010.02.1 ( Qt 4.6.2 ; Qt Creator 1.3.1 ; MinGW 3.15 ; GCC4.4.0 ) ]

  1. First of all you have to build marble following this method "Compiling on Windows"
  2. Then your next step is to add the good path for building in your .pro file or in your Makefile. For example in yourproject.pro file add or modify like this :win32 {
   INCLUDEPATH += $$quote(C:/Program Files/marble/include/marble)
   LIBS += $$quote(C:/Program Files/marble/libmarblewidget.dll)

} unix {

   LIBS += -L/usr/local/lib \


  1. (if you use .pro file then : )qmake
  2. then build it:mingw32-make release (the "release" flag is important due to to a problem of qt debugging libs built for VC++. Otherwise you will have this kind of error : "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" "runtime error")
  3. Normally your application should be built but before to be able to launch it you have to copy libmarblewidget.dll near your .exe (or to add its path to your system environment path). You also have to copy near your .exe the data\ and plugins\ directories otherwise you will have no maps and no download.

-So here it is. You know how to build it in a console. Building it in Qt Creator should not be very difficult. The important part is to configure your project to call ming32-make with the "release" flag : Creator.png

[to be continued]

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