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Examples of applications that are making use of the Marble library


Ed. Hölzel: Neuer Kozenn-Atlas - Geothek 1.1

The GeoThek showing climate zones

Description: Ed. Hölzel is the publisher of the Kozenn Atlas -- Austria's most popular classroom atlas. The Neuer Kozenn Atlas is sold together with an "Atlas CD with 3D and globe view". It's an application called Geothek which was developed by Helmut Mülner from Joanneum Research. This application builds on top of the Qt version of Marble and adds numerous features and maps to it: Geothek allows to view the high quality Hölzel physical maps as well as other maps from the Kozenn Atlas. The location database is also based on the Hölzel Atlas and the user interface is fully translated into German.

Geothek also provides a special 3D satellite view which lets the user fly across the mountain landscape. Also included is a special statistics view and a set of "silent" maps as a bonus. Screenshot:

The GeoThek showing the physical maps from the Kozenn Atlas

<p>Website: <p>Source Code: (understandably it doesn't contain the fine copyrighted Hölzel map material)

<p>Coordination: Lukas Birsak <p>Development: Helmut Mülner



Description: Mumoro is a library to compute multimodal paths. The marble widget is used to display the route.


E-Mail: tristramg at gmail dot com


Visualization of GPS and video data in the Cockpit application.

Description: Cockpit is an application for the visualization of sensor data and assistance functions of cognitive systems. The screenshot shows the usage of Marble to visualize the position of the vehicle (orange, GPS position mapped to the nearest road). The camera field of view shown in green in Marble corresponds to the video image on the left. Speed limit signs recognizedin the video are shown in Marble. Marble is also used to seek through sensor data (i.e. clicking on some point in the map seeks the video to the closest position).
E-Mail: nienhues at fzi dot de


Description: The Tonatiuh project aims to create an open source, cutting-edge, accurate, and easy to use Monte Carlo ray tracer for the optical simulation of solar concentrating systems. It intends to advance the state-of-the-art of the simulation tools available for the design and analysis of solar concentrating systems, and to make those tools freely available to anyone interested in using and improving them.
[Source: Tonatiuh website]

fgdash ( Flight Gear Dash )

Description: fgdash is designed to be the next step in flight gear map viewers. It's design is to work simply and effectively as an embedded secondary system while flying. Currently undergoing heavy development.
Website: :


Map search in digiKam powered by Marble.

Description: digiKam is an advanced digital photo management application for Linux, Windows, and Mac-OSX. It has an integrated map search which allows you to search for your geotagged images and view their positions.






Description: Marble is integrated to configure Locale & Time inside the Installer of the Chakra Live-CD distribution.




geoshape (Koffice2)

alt Marble embedded in KPresenter

Description: geoshape is a so called shape, a plugin that can be used in (nearly) any Koffice2 application, like KWord, KPresenter and so on. At the moment it is limited to displaying a simple map, like they can be seen in Marble. Features like displaying adresses from a spreadsheet might follow later but are nowhere near implemented.

More information: geoshape project page

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