Installing Marble's Python Bindings

General requirements

Marble's Python Bindings only depend on PyQt and SIP and do not require the kdebindings-python package provided by some distributions (these are only for some other KDE Python bindings).

Getting the Dependencies

  • deb-based distributions (Debian, Ubuntu...):
$ sudo apt-get install python-sip-dev python-qt4
  • OpenSuSE: All the necessary dependencies:
$ sudo zypper install python-sip python-sip-bin python-qt4
  • Fedora/RHEL: All the dependencies used for building kdelibs can be installed by running:
$ sudo yum install python-sip python-sip-bin python-qt4
  • Arch Linux: All the dependencies used for building kdelibs can be installed by running:
$ sudo pacman -Sy python-sip python-pyqt4

Installing the Marble Python bindings

To install the Marble Python bindings we will need to compile Marble from source. The following commands will download and compile Marble:

$ git clone git:// ~/marble/sources -b KDE/4.12
$ mkdir -p ~/marble/build
$ cd ~/marble/build
$ make
$ sudo make install

On Arch Linux you will have to add the following options to cmake so it looks like this:


For an example of build instructions visit Marble's sources page. Just make sure to add the -DEXPERIMENTAL_PYTHON_BINDINGS=TRUE flags to cmake

Writing some Code

For tutorials on how to use Marble with Python, please see this techbase page. For documentation of the Marble Python bindings, see [].

For writing Python code we suggest you use an IDE such as Qt Creator that includes syntax highlighting and auto-indentation.

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