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Tile Creation

Creating maps before they are shown for the first time does not work on Maemo. Currently this leads to a crash at the first start, when the Atlas map is trying to be created. A workaround is described in the development environment page.

Font Sizes

Fonts in the control widgets are too big, fonts in the map too small.

Control Box

A stripped down version of the control box would help. The tabs itself take more than half of its space.

  • Unify search input field and routing fields
  • Float items in the map instead of navigation controls. The navigation float item handles this to some way, but the icons should be even larger for touch input.


The main menu is missing.

Storage directories

Maemo devices have uncommon partition layouts and sizes. In particular, space on / is quite limited, /home has more and /home/user/MyDocs plenty. Cached data could be written to /home/user/MyDocs/marble. See also XDG Base Directory Specification and Bug 230714.

GPS support

I have not tested libgps support on Maemo yet.

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