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=== Tile Creation ===
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Running tilecreator in scratchbox does not work (Qt programs loading .jpg files via QImage/QImageReader segfault in scratchbox). Therefore tiles cannot be created from srtm.jpg, which leads to a segfault on the device when activating maps using srtm data on the N900. As a workaround, the data files (which are architecture independent) can be copied from a different build.
=== Font Sizes ===
Fonts in the control widgets are too big, fonts in the map too small.
=== Control Box ===
A stripped down version of the control box would help. The tabs itself take more than half of its space.
* Unify search input field and routing fields
* Float items in the map instead of navigation controls. The navigation float item handles this to some way, but the icons should be even larger for touch input.
=== Menu ===
The main menu is currently stripped down and provides only basic actions. Other useful actions need to be added or replacement actions be implemented (e.g. plugin selection).
=== Storage directories ===
Maemo devices have uncommon partition layouts and sizes. In particular, space on / is quite limited, /home and /opt have more and /home/user/MyDocs plenty. For this reason we install marble in /opt/marble and use /home/user/MyDocs/marble to store cached data. It would be nice to find a way that prevents the Maemo built-in photo application (and others using the tracker service) stop showing downloaded tiles. This should be doable by adding /home/user/MyDocs/marble to the NoWatchDirectory entry in /home/user/.config/tracker/tracker.cfg. Could be done while installing or in the startup script.

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