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Hello All after installing software I checked the install as suggested by your pages. kdeinit4.exe this files is not in my system. Di I need it? I was trying to fix a cant find server problem. so thought if i reload it then that might help. intead  nafter reload couldnt fine file. not sure if it was part of last install. But now I decieded to unstill but canceled it. so went to reinstal but it continued to uninstall when done I get message " now you can run programs from start menu" cool! thats what I really wanted tried a few worked great but got error on the mail program(screen shot) I want to use this software. Thanks all

screen shot of error http://www.evernote.com/shard/s171/sh/a0afd3f3-6867-4346-9fb3-d940f9b17b3a/a64fdf5c9fd7795e8bc451263e63a579

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