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{{Template:I18n/Language Navigation Bar|Help:Contents}}
{{Template:I18n/Language Navigation Bar|KDE_TechBase:Migrate_content}}
Information about syntax and templates can be found [[Help:Contents|here]].
Information about syntax and templates can be found [[Help:Contents|here]].

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Information about syntax and templates can be found here.

How to fill this wiki with life

  1. Step: Identify all developer-related content
  2. Step: check developer.kde.org pages for similar content
  3. Step: put the material on this wiki
  4. If content is missing, use the template {{movepage|from-url}} to add a todo-box.


  1. Page names aren't in CamelCase (CamelCase proper nouns - like DocBook - are okay)
  2. Make use of subpages, for example Policies/SVN Commit Policy
  3. Make use of templates to mark Pages as relevant for KDE 3 or 4
  4. Use categories inside those templates.
  5. In case of doubt, read the Media Wiki Users Guide
  6. If you do have a KDE Subversion account, please use the same username in the wiki, because we might introduce unified login


See also: Projects/Partners

Things to be done:

  1. dynamic content like feature plan
    • TODO: enable our mediawiki extension for our xml based feature plans
  2. validate our tutorials (i.e. proof-read everything and really try it)
  3. finish half-started pages (fill todo's in the e.g. KDE Architecture pages)
  4. <insert todo's here>

Keep in mind

It's a wiki, you can change things easily later on. Note that this is not an invitation to just dump stuff here, but it may be relieving to know that not everything has to be perfect at first approach.

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.