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This article contains a listing of known keys that can be used with Kiosk and what they do. How to actually use these keys and other capabilities of Kiosk such as URL restrictions, creating assigning profiles, etc. is covered in the [[../Introduction|Introduction to Kiosk]] article.
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== Application Action Restrictions ==
=== KCalc ===
=== Konqueror and Desktop ===
=== Konsole ===
=== KWin ===
=== Panels ===
=== Using D-Bus To Find More Actions ===
== Authorizing {{path|.desktop}} Files ==
== File Dialog ==
== Printing ==
== Resource Restrictions ==
KDE applications can take advantage of many types of resources such as configuration data, caches, plugin registries, etc. These are loaded from both system-wide as well as from per-user locations on disk. It is possible to restrict use of the per-user resources directories, preventing users from adding to or altering existing shared resources.
This is accomplished by creating a section like this in a configuration file, most often {{path|kdeglobals}} so that it applies to all applications:
<code ini>
[KDE Resource Restrictions]
<resource key>=false
The following resources can be used as keys and controlled in this manner:
! Key !! Directory !! Provides
|all || n/a || All resources listed in this table
|autostart || {{path|share/autostart}} || Apps to start on login
|data || {{path|share/apps}} || Application data
|data_&lt;appname&gt; || {{path|share/apps}} || Application data for the application named &lt;appname&gt;
|html || {{path|share/doc/HTML}} || HTML files
|icon || {{path|share/icon}} || Icons
|config || {{path|share/config}} || Application configurations
|pixmap || {{path|share/pixmaps}} || Images
|xdgdata-apps || {{path|share/applications}} || Application .desktop files
|sound || {{path|share/sounds}} || Sound files
|locale || {{path|share/locale}} || Localization data
|services || {{path|share/services}} || Protocols, plugins, kparts, control panels, etc. registry
|servicetypes || {{path|share/servicetypes}} || Plugin definitions, referenced in services registry entries
|mime || {{path|share/mimelnk}} || Mimetype definitions
|wallpaper || {{path|share/wallpapers}} || Desktop wallpaper images
|templates || {{path|share/templates}} || Document templates
|exe || {{path|bin}} || Executable files
|lib || {{path|lib}} || Libraries
== Screensavers ==
In {{path|kdeglobals}} in the <tt>[KDE Action Restrictions]</tt> group:
:defines whether OpenGL screensavers are allowed to be used.
:defines whether screensavers that manipulate an image of the screen (e.g. moving chunks of the screen around) are allowed to be used.
=== Automatic Log-out ===
In {{path|kscreensaverrc}}:
<code ini>
The timeout is the time in seconds that the user must be idle for before the logout process is automatically started. Be careful with this capability as it can lead to data loss if the user has unsaved files open.
== Session Capability Restrictions ==
autologout goes here as

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