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{{FeatureTodo|Port MDNs||}}
{{FeatureTodo|Port MDNs||}}

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Akonadi TODO

The following list contains the things which need to be done for Akonadi.


Status Item Description Contact
TO DO Extend model/view stuff for mails [mailto: <>]
TO DO Undo framework [mailto: <>]
TO DO Action framework <Volker?>

Resources, Agents and others

Status Item Description Contact
TO DO Expire Agent [mailto: <>]
TO DO MBOX Resource <Thomas>
TO DO Extend IMAP Resource [mailto: <>]
TO DO POP3 Resource <Thomas>
TO DO Filter Agent [mailto: <>]
TO DO Search [mailto: <>]
TO DO Filter Rule GUI Used by filters and searches [mailto: <>]

KMail Zerstückelungsplan

If anyone has a correct translation, please change the title. The current plan is to put some parts of KMail into a stand-alone library, independent of KMail.

Status Item Description Contact
TO DO Bodypart formatters [mailto: <>]
TO DO Reader Window [mailto: <>]
TO DO Composer: Editor [mailto: <>]
TO DO Composer: Message Composer [mailto: <>]
TO DO Composer: GUI Window [mailto: <>]
TO DO Queue Manager for mailtransport [mailto: <>]
TO DO Templates: Core [mailto: <>]
TO DO Templates: GUI [mailto: <>]
TO DO Port KMCommands [mailto: <>]
TO DO Port away from KMMessage and KMFolder* everywhere it is left [mailto: <>]
TO DO Migration application for index and other config [mailto: <>]
TO DO Port MDNs [mailto: <>]

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