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当前KDE有两个稳定的发布版4.2.1和3.5.10。基于之前3.X的知识和经验,KDE 3.5系列已经相当成熟和稳定了。KDE 4.2.x版本则是最新的KDE,有着各种最新功能特性。

为了保持良好的兼容性,确保开发人员以就可以运用它,KDE 3.5.x系列的开发工作仍在进行着。Different from previous KDE release, however, the KDE 3.5.x series will include selected new features to include new technologies and provide new possibilities while the long KDE 4 development cycle takes place.

The Roadmap of KDE 3.5.x is divided into the Release Schedule and the Feature Plan.


The current KDE development concentrates on KDE 4, which will be a major release. It will include several new features as well as new APIs and frameworks and therefore will break the API compatibility. However, at the same time there are several efforts in the community making porting apps to KDE 4 quite easy.

KDE 4的路线图分为发布计划功能计划



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