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This page intends to help Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) understanding the background of the KDE Roadmap.

KDE development

The current KDE development concentrates on both KDE Software Compilation 4, which is current major release and KDE Frameworks 5, which will be a set of high-level components for applications to use.

KDE Software Compilation 4 which is very mature now includes several new features as well as new APIs and frameworks and therefore will break the API compatibility with previous versions. However, at the same time there are several efforts in the community making porting apps to KDE 4 quite easy.

KDE Frameworks 5 is well underway. It will allow to move to a more modern graphics rendering engine, make development platform more portable, and make it easier to reuse solutions KDE has built.

The Roadmap of KDE Software Compilation 4 is divided into the Release Schedule and the Feature Plan. And KDE Frameworks 5 on going efforts tracked as Epics.


Some KDE sub-projects have their own roadmaps:

  • Calligra - a free, integrated office suite for KDE

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