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This page intends to help Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) understanding the background of the KDE Roadmap.

KDE stable releases

The current KDE release is KDE version 3.5.5. Based on the knowledge and experiences of the first KDE 3.x releases the KDE 3.5 series is a well matured and stable platform to rely on.

The development of the KDE 3.5.x series will continue to improve this platform without breaking any compatibility, ensuring that every developer can rely on it. Different from previous KDE release, however, the KDE 3.5.x series will include selected new features to include new technologies and provide new possibilities while the long KDE 4 development cycle takes place.

The Roadmap of KDE 3.5.x is divided into the Release Schedule and the Feature Plan.

KDE development

The current KDE development concentrates on KDE 4, which will be a major release. It will include several new features as well as new APIs and frameworks and therefore will break the API compatibility. However, at the same time there are several efforts in the community making porting apps to KDE 4 quite easy.

The Roadmap of KDE 4 is divided into the Release Schedule and the Feature Plan.

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