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This page explains the methods used to maintain KDE's developer wiki.
== Top pages ==
The most important pages on this wiki are the top or root pages (in alphabetical order):
:[[Development/Further Information]]
;[[Getting Started]]
;[[KDE System Administration]]
All other pages/articles belong to one of those pages (or their sub-pages) which means we heavily use sub-pages to maintain the structure and a hierarchy to not lose the overview.
=== Sub-pages ===
A sub-page is a parent-child relation. In the following example '''Development''' is the ''parent'' of '''Tutorials''', or the other way round: The page '''Tutorials''' is a sub-page (or a child) of '''Development'''
Using sub-pages has several advantages:
* they automatically provide us with a '''hierarchy''' which is reflected in the URL itself
* automatically generated ''backlinks'' provide easy navigation
As an example, look at the page
[[Development/Architecture/KDE3/Library Structure]]
you can see following the links on the very top of the page:
< [[Development]] | [[Development/Architecture|Architecture]] | [[Development/Architecture/KDE3|KDE3]]
== Categories ==
In short, a [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Category category] is a '''tag''' which appears at the very bottom of an article. As such, categories provide automatic indexes that are useful as tables of contents. Together with links and templates they help structure a project.
* [[Special:Categories|List of categories]]
* [[Special:Unusedcategories|List of unused categories]] - Feel free to use them
Be sure to read the category page (e.g. [[:Category:Documentation]]) before tagging a page with it to make sure you're using it correctly.
== Important special pages ==
There are several special pages which help us to maintain a clean wiki:
; Issues which should be fixed as soon as possible
; Issues which should be fixed in time

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