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Esta página contém informações sobre a edição da wiki do KDE TechBase, incluindo que conteúdo, sua localização e ferramentas úteis específicas desta wiki. Mesmo se você estiver familiarizado com os wikis, você deve ler a seção sobre organização para ver qual conteúdo deve ser colocado nesta wiki.

Antes de você começar

Começando pelo começo

  • Lembre-se de que você deve concordar que suas contribuições lançadas nesta wiki estão sob as licenças listadas em KDE TechBase: Copyrights. Essas licenças significam que o que você escreve pode ser copiado para outros sites, por exemplo.
  • Use as Páginas de discussão para se comunicar com outros colaboradores ou obter ajuda. Normalmente, alguém responderá dentro de um dia.


This wiki is for documentation for developers wanting to use or extend KDE products (e.g. via APIs), or:

  • overview information for libraries, including the advantages of using them
  • tutorials and examples for using libraries
  • tutorials, examples and documentation for writing plugins and other extensions to libraries and applications
  • IPC/RPC interfaces for software, like DBus interfaces

End-user documentation belongs on UserBase, and things directed at contributors, teams and the KDE Community in general belong on the community wiki.

Examples of things that don't belong on TechBase include:

  • documentation on how to use an application
  • code style policies
  • information for new contributors
  • team coordination (TODO lists, meeting notes, etc)
  • notes on the internal architecture of a piece of software (but the architecture of a library's API does belong)

More on this on the guidelines on


need to document the structure


Wiki Maintenance

Maintaining a clean and useful wiki involves making sure content is up to date, there are no broken links, and all pages can be found (they are linked to from somewhere). The following special pages can help find issues that need fixing:

Issues which should be fixed as soon as possible
Issues which should be fixed in time

You can also add a page to the Needs Attention to flag it for later work by adding [[Category:Needs Attention]] to the page. Using Template:TODO will also add a page to this category.

Deleting pages

Most users cannot delete pages on the Wiki - this is because once a page is gone, you cannot get it back. If you think a page should be deleted, mark it with Template:Proposed_deletion at the top:

{{Proposed_deletion|reason=this page contains only spam}}

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