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To get started with the MediaWiki syntax, read

New Templates

Use this template to mark a page as not finished
Pages which need cleanups or contaion empty sections and todos are marked with this tempate.
Use this template to add a tip.
Use this template to add a warning.
Use this template to generate a link to a Qt class, e.g. QWidget.
Use this template to generate a link to a KDE class, e.g. KDialog.
Use this template for paths and filenames, this way all of them have a consistent style.
<span class="bsBugLink bsError bsError-NoConnection">{{bug|123456}}</span>
Use this template to automatically create a link to KDE's bugzilla.
Use this to mark the content of a page as applicable for either KDE 3 or KDE 4. Don't tag technology agnostic pages.

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