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Configuring for Services

All KDE-4 versions

If you instlled KDE in: "/usr/KDE-4, the D-Bus services will be installed in "/usr/KDE-4/share/dbus-1/services". D-Bus needs to find these services and use them.

If you only have one version of KDE installed and you normally use it, simply add, for example if you installed KDE in: "/usr/KDE-4":


{use the actual path from your system}

to your: "/etc/dbus-1/session-local.conf" file.

If your system doesn't yet have that file, create it:


<!DOCTYPE busconfig PUBLIC

"-//freedesktop//DTD D-BUS Bus Configuration 1.0//EN"





If you have installed an additional version of KDE-4 that you start with another user account according to the instructions for building KDE4.x, things are not as simple since you need to have the D-Bus services for that KDE-4 installation override the normal ones ONLY when using that user account.


KDE-4.4 and TRUNK




Work In Progress

My apologies! The documentation for D-Bus is inadequate, but I am working on this. Till then, ask on the KDE or KDE-Linux mailing lists.

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