Getting Started/Sources/Amarok Git Tutorial

Getting started with git

Recommended reading

The Git Parable: Background information that will help you understand git and distributed revision control systems in general
Git to SVN crash course 5 minute introduction to git for experienced SVN users

Getting started for people wanting to track Amarok development

git clone git://

This creates an 'amarok' directory. cd into that and use it like normal. And when you want to update:

git pull

will download the new changes.

Getting started for Developers account setup

  • Create an account on the git hosting service used by Qt and now Amarok.
  • On your user page, (that's at click on "Manage SSH keys" and add your SSH key.
  • Again from the user page, click on "Manage aliases" and add any email addresses you've ever used in KDE SVN. This way any commits you've made in the past are tracked back to you. If your gitorious email address is the only one you ever used, then this step isn't needed.
  • Request one of the kde-developers admins to add your username to the group (the same rules apply as KDE SVN account requests). This will give you push rights to Amarok. Lydia, Ian and Jeff are all admins.

Setup Amarok Clone

Gitorious has one address for cloning, and another for pushing. The pushing address can be used for cloning, so the easy thing to do is just use that.

git clone [email protected]:amarok/amarok.git

This will create a directory 'amarok'. cd into that and start developing!

Basic Development

90% of the time this is all that is needed:

git pull #update to latest code
#edit code, build, it works!
git status #to check if you want to commit all the modified files
git commit -a #the -a option commits all modified files. use git add to select them individually
git push

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