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Source Repositories and Revision Control

KDE uses a common repository to store our Source Code and to track changes made to the code. Currently, KDE is in the middle of migrating our main repository from Subversion (SVN) to Git, so some software modules will be downloaded from Git and some from Subversion. This means you will need to become familiar with both systems.

For more information on using Git in KDE, please see the KDE Git page.

For more information on using Subversion, please see the following pages which may be outdated with regards to which modules live in SVN:

KDE Software Modules

Within the source repository the code is organized in projects and modules.

TODO: Describe the SC, the Platform/Wokplace/Apps split, the modules/projects split, and how its changed between svn and git.

Obtaining The Source

There are 3 main ways of doing this:

  • Download a tarball snapshot of the code as at a given time or release. This is most commonly done if you do not want to develop the code itself but just want to use it for a stable system installation, testing a release, or developing applications outside of the KDE SC.
  • Clone a copy of the project repository from Git
  • Checkout a copy of the project repository from Subversion

For developing on the unstable branch of the KDE SC it is recommended you Clone or Checkout the required repositories.

Note that Checkout has a different meaning in Git than it does in Subversion.

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