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The kdesvn-build program, which is used to download, build, and install KDE from the KDE source repository, uses a file called kdesvn-buildrc in order to control what is downloaded and built, what options are used, and where KDE is installed to.

This is a description of how to use kdesvn-buildrc.


kdesvn-build will search in several locations for your rc file.

  1. First, kdesvn-build will look for a file called kdesvn-buildrc in the current directory. Notice that in this situation there is no leading dot on the filename. This allows you to control the build based on what directory you're in, which would be useful for maintaining two different Subversion installs.
  2. If no kdesvn-buildrc is found, kdesvn-build will look for a ~/.kdesvn-buildrc. Notice there is a leading dot on the filename in this situation. This is the standard Linux/UNIX convention for configuration files stored in the home directory, and marks this as a hidden file. So if you try to find the file in Dolphin or Konqueror, you may need to Show Hidden Files first. This controls the default configuration kdesvn-build will use, no matter what directory you run kdesvn-build from.
  3. If you specify the --rc-file option to kdesvn-build, kdesvn-build will try to read the given kdesvn-buildrc file instead of the default ones. This is also independent of what directory kdesvn-build is run in. But, you must remember to pass this option every time, so it is only useful for testing or for a one-time-only run.

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