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{{warning|This page currently just describes build with msvc-compiler. If you need qt for mingw please use the installer instead}}
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{{warning|Currently you need qt-copy from kde svn to successful compile kdelibs!}}
=Get the Qt4 source code=
Open Source developers: check out ''qt-copy'' from http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/qt-copy/ with your favorite svn client.
=Apply the KDE patches=
Patch the source code with KDE's own patches first: run <tt>patches\apply_patches.bat</tt>.
=Configure Qt=
You will need openssl support - so make sure it's enabled!
Also make sure that configure.exe find openssl headers and libs:
qconfigure {PLATFORM} -openssl -I "<path to openssl headers>" \
-L "<path to openssl libs>" -qdbus -I "<path to windbus headers>" \
-L "<path to windbus libs>"
<tt>{PLATFORM}</tt> can be <tt>msvc</tt> for MSVC 6.0, <tt>msvc.net</tt> for MSVC .NET (2002 (7.0) or 2003 (7.1)), <tt>msvc2005</tt> for MSVC 2005 (8.0) or <tt>msvc2008</tt> for MSVC .NET 9.0 (2008).
This is needed to simplify path names in the future if you did not use the commercial <tt>configure.exe</tt> GUI installer:
set QTDIR={your qt installation directory}
'''Note:''' this (QTDIR) and the subsequent environment variables described below on this page could be set globally in the "System" applet, Advanced->Environment Variables. Optionally, if you want to have multiple configurations (e.g. Qt3 and Qt4) on the same machine and account, you can enter appropriate ''set'' commands into a single .bat file, e.g. [[Getting Started/Build/KDE4/Windows/Environment|<tt>environment.bat</tt>]] which you can then execute once in a new ''cmd'' shell.
See also alternative instructions at [http://wiki.qtcentre.org/index.php?title=Qt4_with_Visual_Studio QtCentre.net].

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