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kdepim Package Dependencies

Package Level Description Comments
Akonadi >= 1.4.91 Required Akonadi server libraries Akonadi is required to build KDEPIM
Boost >= 1.34.0 Required Boost C++ Libraries Required by several critical KDEPIM apps.
Nepomuk Required The Nepomuk libraries Nepomuk extends the search and tagging functionalities in KMail and Akonadi
QGpgME Required The QGpgME library QGpgME is required to build Kleopatra. QGpgME is required to build KMail, KOrganizer and Kleopatra
QtDeclarative >= 4.7 Required Qt Declarative (QML) module Required for building mobile UI. Required for building the mobile applications
cyrus-sasl Required Cyrus SASL API Required to support authentication of logins on ManageSieve servers.
Shared desktop ontologies >= 0.9 Required Desktop ontologies Ontologies necessary for the Nepomuk semantic desktop.
Strigi Required Index metadata of files
Soprano >= 2.3.70 Required Semantic Desktop Storing Soprano is needed for Nepomuk
xsltproc Required The command line XSLT processor from libxslt Required to generate the D-Bus interfaces.
ZLib Required The Zlib compression library
The Boost Topological_sort header Optional topological_sort.hpp (part of Boost_graph) Necessary to build kleopatra
dblatex Optional The DocBook to LaTeX converter Required for generating Kontact-Touch license information.
Grantlee Optional The Grantlee Template System Templating and theming for KJots and KaddressBook.
Prison Optional Prison library Needed to show mobile barcodes of your contacts
X11 screensaver extension Optional X Window Screen Saver Development Library Needed by Ktimetracker to measure the screen idle time

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