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kde-runtime Package Dependencies

Package Level Description Comments
libattica Required A library to access Open Collaboration Service providers Required for Get Hot New Stuff.
Phonon >= 4.4.57 Required Phonon library STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: Required for playing audio and video throughout KDE
BZip2 Optional A high-quality data compressor Provides the ability to read and write bzip2 compressed data files in the filter kioslave.
libcanberra Optional libcanberra audio library libcanberra is needed for audio setup GUI
Exiv2 Optional A library to access image metadata Provides support for automatic rotation of JPEGs in the thumbnail kioslave
ALSA >= 1.0.14a Optional The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) library A current ALSA library is needed for dmix and virtual device listing
[ rpc library] Optional library routines for remote procedure calls Needed to build the NFS kioslave
LZMA/XZ Optional A very high compression ratio data compressor Provides the ability to read and write xz compressed data files.
libssh >= 0.4.0 Optional the SSH library with SFTP support Needed to build the SFTP kioslave
NetworkManager headers Optional kded support to NetworkManager Needed for kded's networkstatus module
[kdelibs Nepomuk] Optional Nepomuk Libraries Required to build Nepomuk.
OpenEXR Optional API for accessing OpenEXR formatted images Provides support for OpenEXR formatted images in the thumbnail kioslave
PulseAudio >= 0.9.16 Optional PulseAudio Audio Server libpulse is needed for audio setup GUI
QCA2 >= 2.0.0 Optional Support for remote plasma widgets
QNtrack Optional Network status tracking library Provides data input for Solid network status
Samba Optional the SMB client library, a version with smbc_set_context() and smbc_option_set() Needed to build the SMB kioslave
Shared desktop ontologies >= 0.8.52 Optional Desktop ontologies Ontologies necessary for the Nepomuk semantic desktop.
OpenSLP Optional SLP (Service Location Protocol) implementation Provides SLP support in the network:/ kioslave.
Soprano Raptor Parser Optional RDF parser plugin for Soprano The Soprano raptor parser plugin is required to build the Nepomuk semantic desktop system.
Soprano Redland Backend Optional Redland storage backend for Soprano The Soprano redland backend is required to build the Nepomuk semantic desktop system.
Soprano Virtuoso Backend Optional Virtuoso storage backend for Soprano The Soprano Virtuoso backend is required to run the Nepomuk semantic desktop system.
Xine Optional Xine libraries Needed to build the KCM for phonon's xine backend

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