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There is a simple and automatic way for building KDE4 using the kdesvn-build script. Download the latest release of the kdesvn-build script from Your distribution might have a package with kdesvn-build script but most probably that will be dated. So download the latest release from the website. As mentioned in the [[..|Getting Started]] page, install all the required packages for your distribution. Create a new user kde-devel and switch to that user. Untar the kdesvn-build file to your home folder. cp kdesvn-build/kdesvn-buildrc-sample ~/.kdesvn-buildrc Modify the .kdesvn-buildrc file for selecting which modules to compile and which to leave out. Add kdesvn-build/ folder to your path by adding this line to your .bashrc export PATH=~/kdesvn-build/:$PATH Now, all that remains to do is run the script! kdesvn-build

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