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This page is accurate as of 2006-08-07 for building older KDE stable versions. Other pages containing similar information are being consolidated to here. Please help me find any similar pages so I can consolidate them. This page is being actively updated, contact kde.org AT phor.net with any questions or hints.

Old Stable Versions of KDE

Note: I don't know why you'd want to install older versions. Nonetheless, you've come to this page for that very reason. Please let me know what your motivation is so I can edit this page accordingly.

Compiling KDE 3.4.x
Instructions for installing KDE 3.4.x from source code.
Compiling KDE 3.3.x
Instructions for installing KDE 3.3.x from source code.
Compiling KDE 3.2.x
Instructions for installing KDE 3.2.x from source code.
Compiling KDE 3.1.x
Instructions for installing KDE 3.1.x from source code.
Compiling KDE 3.0.x
Instructions for installing KDE 3.0.x from source code.
Compiling KDE 2.2.2
Instructions for installing KDE 2.2.2 from source code.
KDE 2 on Solaris 2.6
Hints for compiling KDE for the Solaris operating system.

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