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This describes how you can get kde to compile so that you can log in graphically (using kdm, the KDE display manager) and call konqueror (contained in KDEBASE, KDE's base package).

Required Packages

Use the following commands to install the needed packages:

yast -i alsa-devel
yast -i automoc4
yast -i avahi-devel
yast -i patch 
yast -i cups-devel
yast -i kde4-filesystem
yast -i libbz2-devel
yast -i avahi-compat-mDNSResponder-devel
yast -i hal-devel
yast -i xorg-x11-devel
yast -i libQtWebKit-devel
yast -i libxml2-devel 
yast -i kdesdk3 
yast -i clucene-core-devel 
yast -i boost-devel
yast -i libjpeg-devel 
yast -i liblrdf-devel 
yast -i libpng-devel 
yast -i libxslt-devel 
yast -i libredland-devel
yast -i Mesa-devel 
yast -i giflib-devel 
yast -i subversion 
yast -i gcc-c++
yast -i gmp-devel
yast -i xine-devel
yast -i libgpgme-devel
yast -i pcre-devel
yast -i dbus-1-devel
yast -i libqt4-devel


Now install cmake, in this example 2.6.2:

tar xvzf cmake-2.6.2.tar.gz
cd cmake-2.6.2
make && make install


You can install kdesupport and its dependencies from SUSE by adding the KDE:KDE4 repository from the openSUSE Build Service to your installation sources. For openSUSE 10.2 and newer add this Repository to your Install Source (Yast)

For older versions of SUSE Linux do:

installation_sources -a[YOUR SUSE LINUX VERSION]

Now install kdesupport from SUSE:

yast -i libqca2-devel
yast -i libsoprano-devel
yast -i libqimageblitz-devel
yast -i strigi-devel

Please remember to skip any instructions from Getting_Started/Build/KDE4 that refer to kdesupport. Start to compile with kdelibs.

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