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Note: This page is about KDE 4. It isn't applicable for KDE 3 development.

This page is focused on building KDE4 from svn source on FreeBSD, information specific to creating/building/using the FreeBSD ports of KDE4 should be gathered on the FreeBSD Wiki.

Required Ports

  • devel/dbus
  • devel/cmake
  • x11/xorg (Presumably you could do with less... but I haven't done that yet)
  • devel/subversion
  • textproc/redland (for support/soprano)
  • misc/shared-mime-info (for libs)
  • graphics/libungif (for libs)
  • devel/boost-python (for pimlibs)
  • security/gpgme (for pimlibs)
  • multimedia/libxine (for base-or config with KDE4_DISABLE_MULTIMEDIA)
  • shells/bash (if using kdesvn-build)
  • textproc/libxslt
  • (expand as needed, this is a wiki :)

Differences from the normal build process

The page on building KDE4 trunk makes a few assumptions about your environment. Note that FreeBSD's dbus and cmake ports will work (so those sections can be skipped).

Using kdesvn-build

The kdesvn-build script can be used on FreeBSD. The following describes an issue that seems to no longer occur:

qt-copy is going to fail to build dbus support due to reasons described below, so you can either run "kdesvn-build qt-copy" once... apply the fix below, then run "kdesvn-build". Alternatively, you can add "-lpthread" to the configure-flags in the qt-copy section of your .kdesvn-buildrc .

Yet another option is to add -DCMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS=-pthread to your cmake flags, which will add -pthread to the link lines of all executables.

Errors compiling qt-copy

Even when I tell it to, qt-copy is not compiling with dbus support
This seems to no longer be an issue when using kdesvn-build

This is related to the test app for dbus in qt-copy not linking due to a pthreads dependency in libdbus on FreeBSD. To fix it go to: (builddir)/qt-copy/config.tests/unix/dbus . Then manually run

g++ dbus.o -lpthread -ldbus-1 -L/usr/local/lib -o dbus

That should generate the "dbus" file, and you should be able to continue your qt build as you left off, building dbus this time

My build of qt-copy is failing when I have Qt4 from ports installed.

For some reason, the configure system will sometimes put -I/usr/local/include (which contains the ports version of qt4 headers) into the general CXXFLAGS variable. Note that there is an INCPATH variable for these include paths which should also contain -I/usr/local/include. The difference is in the compile line; CXXFLAGS's appears first, whereas the paths in INCPATH are ordered properly such that the local (current build) headers are checked first. You need to go into the directory where the build is failing (use the previous lines before the error message), and open the Makefile. You should see the the -I/usr/local/include line in the CXXFLAGS line, and you can safetly remove it IF there is a -I/usr/local/include line in INCPATH. This seems to usually happen in build_dir/qt-copy/src/plugins/sqldrivers/psql/Makefile

My build of qt-copy is failing in qatomic_x86_64.h on my 64bit system.

See Trolltech's bugzilla for a description of this problem. It's an issue with gcc3 and 64bit systems, with a particular optimization. Possible solutions described there include "To work around this bug, recompile qstylesheetstyle.cpp with removing -O2, or add the -fno-gcse compiler option."

My build of qt-copy is failing because MAP_ANONYMOUS was not declared.

The flag MAP_ANONYMOUS is used in qt-copy/src/3rdparty/webkit/JavaScriptCore/kjs/collector.cpp:139 in function mmap(). FreeBSD's mmap() does not know the flag MAP_ANONYMOUS but MAP_ANON.

Errors compiling kdelibs

kdelibs wont compile, complaining that it can't find qdbus

See the above question on dbus not compiling (even if you told it to compile). If Qt can't find the dbus libs, it silently fails and will continue to build without dbus.

Errors compiling kdesupport

The following seems to no longer be an issue (at least as of Apr25)

Strigi is a prereq for building kdelibs at the moment. As of now (Apr 5), there appears to be an issue with building kdesupport/strigi/src/streams/tests/InputStreamReaderTest.cpp on systems where iconv.h does not live in /usr/include. Use "VERBOSE=1 make" to view the offending command, and then run it, modifying it by adding "-I/usr/local/include" to the big list of -I directives (you may also have to fix a few paths... be sure to put it in the right place!). At this point, the rest of the compile should go smoothly.

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