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Template:I18n Getting Started Build KDE4 FreeBSD

Note: This page is about KDE 4. It isn't applicable for KDE 3 development.


Required Ports

  • devel/dbus (version 1.0.2 adequate as of Apr 19)
  • devel/cmake (version 2.4p6 adequate as of Apr 19)
  • devel/subversion
  • (expand as needed, this is a wiki :)

Differences from the normal build process

The page on building KDE4 trunk makes a few assumptions about your environment. Note that FreeBSD's dbus and cmake ports will work (so those sections can be skipped).

Using kdesvn-build

The kdesvn-build script can be used on FreeBSD with one change. qt-copy is going to fail to build dbus support due to reasons described below, so you can either run "kdesvn-build qt-copy" once... apply the fix below, then run "kdesvn-build". Alternatively, you can add "-lpthread" to the configure-flags in the qt-copy section of your .kdesvn-buildrc .

Errors compiling qt-copy

Even when I tell it to, qt-copy is not compiling with dbus support

This is related to the test app for dbus in qt-copy not linking due to a pthreads dependency in libdbus on FreeBSD. To fix it go to: (builddir)/qt-copy/config.tests/unix/dbus . Then manually run

g++ dbus.o -lpthread -ldbus-1 -L/usr/local/lib -o dbus

That should generate the "dbus" file, and you should be able to continue your qt build as you left off, building dbus this time

Errors compiling kdelibs

kdelibs wont compile, complaining that it can't find qdbus

See the above question on dbus not compiling (even if you told it to compile). If QT can't find the dbus libs, it silently fails and will continue to build without dbus.

Errors compiling kdesupport

Strigi is a prereq for building kdelibs at the moment. As of now (Apr 5), there appears to be an issue with building kdesupport/strigi/src/streams/tests/InputStreamReaderTest.cpp on systems where iconv.h does not live in /usr/include. Use "VERBOSE=1 make" to view the offending command, and then run it, modifying it by adding "-I/usr/local/include" to the big list of -I directives (you may also have to fix a few paths... be sure to put it in the right place!). At this point, the rest of the compile should go smoothly.

Note that a few other parts of kdesupport may or may not build on FreeBSD at the moment, but the only part that is actually required to get libs up and running is kdesupport/strigi.

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