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== KOffice ==
== KOffice ==
{{Warning|Fedora < 11 still ships with KOffice 1.6.<br/><br/>
{{Warning|Fedora <= 11 still ships with KOffice 1.6.<br/><br/>
yum-builddep will install dependencies for the KDE 3 version.}}
yum-builddep will install dependencies for the KDE 3 version.}}

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Building KDE4 From Source (Fedora Linux requirements)
Tutorial Series   Getting Started
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Further Reading   kdesvn-build: The KDE From Subversion Build Tool
Increased Productivity in KDE4 with Scripts
Introduction to CMake


Install basic toolchain:

yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'

yum install subversion cmake

Install the yum-utils package to get yum-builddep: yum install yum-utils

Basic functional desktop

yum-builddep kdelibs kdebase akonadi

Full-optionals desktop

yum-builddep kdeaccessibility kdeadmin kdeartwork \

   kdebase kdebindings kdeedu kdegames kdegraphics \
   kdelibs kdemultimedia kdenetwork kdepim \
   kdepimlibs kdeplasma-addons kdesdk kdetoys \
   kdeutils akonadi



yum-builddep koffice-suite


It generally requires the following tools installed: yum install doxygen graphviz qt-doc

Module prerequisites

To install prerequisites just run yum-builddep module-name

Where "module-name" is the name of the module you want to install

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