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{{Template:I18n/Language Navigation Bar|Getting_Started/Build/KDE4/Ark Linux}}
{{Template:I18n/Language Navigation Bar|Getting_Started/Build/Distributions/Ark Linux}}
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{{TODO| Does Ark include HAL, or any of kdesupport?
{{TODO| Does Ark include HAL, or any of kdesupport?
Return to [[Getting_Started/Build/KDE4#HAL|building KDE 4]].

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Getting_Started/Build/Distributions/Ark Linux

Building KDE4 From Source (Ark Linux requirements)

Software Requirements

In Ark Linux, the build dependencies you need are installed with:

apt-get install devel-core libxml-devel libxslt-devel bzip2-devel \ clucene-core-devel librdf-devel shared-mime-info xorg-Mesa-libGL-devel \ subversion boost-devel doxygen giflib-devel dbus-devel openssl-devel \ alsa-lib-devel kdesdk-scripts qt-devel

If you prefer a graphical interface, select the packages listed above in the "Install Software" tool in Mission Control.

This includes installation of CMake, DBus and Qt - you can skip steps 5, 6 and 7.

Does Ark include HAL, or any of kdesupport?

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