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Getting_Started/Build/KDE4/Arch Linux

Building KDE4 From Source (Arch Linux requirements)
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Increased Productivity in KDE4 with Scripts
Introduction to CMake

In Arch Linux you need to install the following packages:

pacman -Sy subversion bzip2 libxslt libxml2 \ shared-mime-info mesa boost dbus openssl \ pkgconfig xine-lib clucene

If you want to use qt4 from the Arch Linux repository you can install it with: pacman -Sy qt

Does Arch provide anything else? HAL/kdesupport?

just a log of what I have done to install it on my system (the stable version) dependencies are in the beginning, the text after is just what is written in this tutorial.

yaourt -Syu yaourt -Sy pkgconfig yaourt libjpeg (from extra repo) yaourt libungif yaourt clucene yaourt redland yaourt shared-mime-info

        1. yaourt qt4 (from community repo)

yaourt cmake download makeobj a partir de yaourt boost cp makeobj /usr/bin recuperation du script (renommer en yaourt svn (from extra repo)

execution texto de la procedure build de qt a partir des serveurs kde --> dans la ligne d'install il y a un ; en trop...

execution texto du build de kdesupport

telechargement de kdelibs-4.0.0 -->extraction de l'archive dans le repertoire src (faire un cs) -->renommage du répertoire en enlevant les numéros (pour faire comme du svn) -->build avec cmakekde

telechargement de kdepimlibs-4.0.0 --> dependance : yaourt gpgme (from extra repo) -->pareil que au dessus...

aprés c'est tjrs pareil... ordre choisi: * kdebase * kdebase-runtime (yaourt xine-lib --> extra repo) * kdebase-workspace * kdenetwork * kdegames * keadmin * kdeartwork * kdebindings * kdegraphics * kdemultimedia * kdetoys * kdeutils

IMPORTANT: changer dans le script kdebuild que l'on source pour que le path prenne qt en compte...

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