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Getting_Started/Build/KDE4/Arch Linux

Building KDE4 From Source (Arch Linux requirements)
Tutorial Series   Getting Started
Previous   Build KDE 4
What's Next   Build KDE 4
Further Reading   kdesvn-build: The KDE From Subversion Build Tool
Increased Productivity in KDE4 with Scripts
Introduction to CMake

In Arch Linux you need to install the following packages:

pacman -Sy subversion bzip2 libxslt libxml2 \ shared-mime-info mesa boost dbus openssl \ pkgconfig xine-lib clucene

If you want to use qt4 from the Arch Linux repository you can install it with: pacman -Sy qt4 ("pacman -Sy qt" if you are running bleeding-edge Arch Testing)

Does Arch provide anything else? HAL/kdesupport?

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