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* [[/KDE4|Linux]]  
* [[/KDE4|Linux]]  
* [[/KDE4/FreeBSD|FreeBSD]]
* [[/KDE4/FreeBSD|FreeBSD]]
* [[/KDE4/Windows/GCC_And_MinGW|Microsoft Windows with GCC and MinGW]]
* [[/KDE4/Windows|Microsoft Windows]]
* [[/KDE4/Windows/MS_Visual_Studio|Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Visual Studio]]
* [[/KDE4/Mac_OS_X|Mac OS X]]
* [[/KDE4/Mac_OS_X|Mac OS X]]

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Getting Started/Build

Here you will find instructions for compiling and installing KDE from source and suggestions for when compilation doesn't go so smoothly.

Building The Source

KDE 4 (Development version, trunk)
Instructions for installing the latest and greatest KDE development source code on:
KDE 3.5 (Stable version)
Instructions for installing the latest stable KDE 3.5 release.
Old Versions
Instructions for building older KDE versions.
Coexisting Versions
Directions to build multiple KDE versions on the same machine simultaneously.
Help with errors and other questions you might have.

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.