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CeBIT 2009 will take place in Hannover, Germany during March 3-8, 2009. KDE's presence at CeBIT 2009 will be coordinated by Eckhart Wörner.


[edit] Status

We have successfully applied for a KDE booth (confirmed on January 20th). Booth is at hall 6, F50.

[edit] Staff

Name Mail Phone Number Tue 3rd Wed 4th Thu 5th Fri 6th Sat 7th Sun 8th accommodation needed
Eckhart Wörner ewoerner(at)kde.org +49 173 8026512 x x x x x x yes
Stefan Majewsky majewsky(at)gmx.net +49 151 23269700 x x x x x x yes
Felix Lemke lemke.felix(at)ages-skripte.org +49 176 24243528 x x x x x x yes
Casper van Donderen casper.vandonderen(at)gmail.com +31 6 12886411 x x x x x x yes
Alexander Neundorf neundorf(at)kde.org (via mail) - x x x - - yes
Claudia Rauch rauch(at)kde.org +49 69 8700 3230 x x x - - - yes
Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet(at)kde.org +31 648462950 - x x - - - yes
Patrick Spendrin ps_ml(at)gmx.de (via mail) - - - x x - yes
Bart Cerneels bart.cerneels(at)kde.org +32 496 100 633 - - - x x x yes
Wendy Van Craen wendy.vancraen(at)kde.org call Bart - - - x x x yes

[edit] Accommodation

The following reservations are approved:

Bed Mon-Tue Tue-Wed Wed-Thu Thu-Fri Fri-Sat Sat-Sun
1 Eckhart Eckhart Eckhart Eckhart Eckhart Eckhart
2 Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper Casper
3 Stefan Stefan Stefan Stefan Stefan Stefan
4 Felix Felix Felix Felix Felix Felix
5 Claudia Claudia Claudia Wendy Wendy Wendy
6 Jos Jos Bart Bart Bart
7 Alexander Alexander Alexander Patrick Danimo
8 Amarok Amarok Amarok Amarok Amarok Amarok

Accomodation is Altenauer Weg 4 and Altenauer Weg 10.

Accomodation includes breakfast.

[edit] Project presentation

Felix, Stefan and Casper will take care of the presentation. Presentation takes place Wednesday, 16:40 - 17:00.

[edit] Tickets

We will get two exhibitor passes and enough free online tickets for everybody. __If you like to have some free tickets, just send Eckhart a mail.__

[edit] Misc.

You can use use your tickets for public transport if you write down the date of validity on the ticket.

[edit] Amarok participation

Amarok has its own booth, we collaborate for accomodation and social stuff (Amarok guys are really good at that). Amarok booth planning takes place at http://rokymotion.pwsp.net/wiki/Events/CeBIT_2009

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