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Appendix B. The KDE Visual Guide

The purpose of the KDE Visual Dictionary is to provide both visual examples, as well as standardized names, for interface items referenced throughout the KDE documentation.

Listing of Common KDE Widgets

The term Widget (or windows gadget) refers to the basic building block of a computer program's interface.

Each widget operates in a similar manner each time it is used, but the effect that the widget has depends on its place within the program.

Button Doc-primer-visual-guide-button.png
Check Boxes Doc-primer-visual-guide-checkbox.png
Color Selector Doc-primer-visual-guide-colorselector.png
Combo Box Doc-primer-visual-guide-combobox.png
Context Menu Doc-primer-visual-guide-contextmenu.png
Dialog Doc-primer-visual-guide-dialog.png
Drop Down Box Doc-primer-visual-guide-dropdownbox.png
Icon List Doc-primer-visual-guide-iconlist.png
List Box Doc-primer-visual-guide-listbox.png
Menu Bar Doc-primer-visual-guide-menubar.png
Progress Bar Doc-primer-visual-guide-progressbar.png
Radio Buttons Doc-primer-visual-guide-radiobutton.png
Scroll Bar Doc-primer-visual-guide-scrollbar.png
Slider Doc-primer-visual-guide-slider.png
Spin Box Doc-primer-visual-guide-spinbox.png
Status Bar Doc-primer-visual-guide-statusbar.png
Tab Doc-primer-visual-guide-tab.png
Tabbed Window Doc-primer-visual-guide-tabbedwindow.png
Text Box Doc-primer-visual-guide-textbox.png
Tool Bar Doc-primer-visual-guide-toolbar.png
Tree View Doc-primer-visual-guide-treeview.png
Window Title Bar Doc-primer-visual-guide-windowtitlebar.png