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: [https://kde.org/support/mailinglists/ listes de diffusion KDE]
: [https://kde.org/support/mailinglists/ listes de diffusion KDE]
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Welcome to the KDE TechBase Development Hub. This page contains links to Tutorials, Tools, and other Resources you might need to add KDE libraries to your project. If you're looking for a guide on starting your journey, head on over to the Getting Started page. If you're looking for tutorials on how to build KDE software and contribute to projects, hop over to the KDE Community Wiki.

Tutoriels de programmation
A collection of step-by-step guides and references for developers who want to use the KDE Frameworks and other APIs. The list covers a broad range of topics from introductory tutorials to advanced topics like plugins and and scripting.
Outils de développement
KDE software can be created using a wide variety of tools available to developers from IDEs to text editors to debuggers.
Autres ressources
site web de documentation KDE API
wiki de la communauté KDE
listes de diffusion KDE

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