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Development/Tutorials/Using Qt Creator

QtCreator is an IDE from Nokia for Qt. It contains QtDesigner for UI design.

Creating a new program

Qt Designer is a graphical program which allows you to easily build user interfaces, using a drag n drop interface. Here is a short example how it can go, for more information read the user documentation.

Step 0

Call Qt Designer from within the QtCreator IDE:

Step 1

Add the widgets you want by drag-and-drop


Step 2

Select the mainwindow. This is the one un-intuitive step. To lay out the objects in the mainwindow, you do not select the objects in the mainwindow, but the mainwindow itself.


Step 3

Select Form -> Lay Out in a Grid



You get a decent look, and if you resize the window, the widgets resize as well.


Adding a toolbar

To add a toolbar, right-click on the UI and choose "Add Toolbar". Then you can set icons and text in your mainwindow's constructor with code like this:

ui->toolBar->addAction(QIcon("/usr/share/icons/oxygen/22x22/apps/ktip.png"),"hello world");

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