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Getting Started With Plasmoids
Creating your first plasmoid in C++ with SVG background, icon and text
Writing a DataEngine
DataEngines provide a standardized interface to various data sources for visualizations to use. Learn what a DataEngine is and how to write one of your own.
Video tutorial
Video and slides from a presentation on libplasma (link to Slides below)
Link To Slides For The Above Video
Slides For The Presentation Creating User Interfaces With Plasma by Aaron Seigo
How to use extenders in your Plasmoid
A simple example that shows how to use extenders in a Plasmoid.
Creating Runners
Runners are plugins that provide action-based search functionality in the Plasma workspace "run command" dialog. These plugins can be used by any application that links again libplasma.
Creating Comic Plugins
This guide shows you how to create a comic plugin for the comic plasmoid.
Wallpaper Tutorial 1
This tutorial shows you how to make a simple Hello World plasma wallpaper plugin.


Plasma has built-in JavaScript (also known as ECMAScript, and often referred to as QtScript in the context of Qt) scripting support without requiring any external dependencies.

Getting Started
Creating and running your first plasmoid in JavaScript
Getting Data
How to retreive data from a data engine
Now Playing
Slightly more advanced data engine usage: displaying what's currently playing
System Monitor
How to access systemmonitor data engine
Cheat Sheet
A cheat sheet, rather than a tutorial, of things to remember and watch out for when developing JavaScript plasmoids


Getting Started
Using widgets
使用Plasma widgets
Using DataEngines
Writing DataEngines
Writing a simple battery graph in python


Getting Started
Creating and running your first plasmoid in Ruby
使用Plasma widgets
Writing a simple paste applet
A tutorial explaining how to write a simple paste applet using widgets


Guide to creating your first Plasma theme


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