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While the basic format of Plasma themes has not changed since the first version of Plasma, by the time in Plasma 5 some backward-incompatible changes happened for the range of elements expected in the themes. Here is a list of the changes, please supplement if changes are missing.
this page was moved to https://develop.kde.org/docs/plasma/theme/theme-porting-to-plasma5/
== KRunner ==
'''dialogs/krunner''' is no longer used by KRunner, instead '''dialogs/background''' is applied.
Changes to do:
* remove '''dialogs/krunner''' SVGs
== Logout/Shutdown dialog ==
'''dialogs/shutdowndialog''' is no longer used. Instead the the implementation of "logoutmainscript" of the active Plasma LookAndFeel package defines the look of that dialog, with the default Breeze implementation not using any special theme elements.
Changes to do:
* remove '''dialogs/shutdowndialog''' SVGs
== Panel background ==
The "*-mini-*" variants from the '''widgets/panel-background''' SVGs are no longer applied, instead always the normal "[prefix-]*" elements are used.
Changes to do:
* remove all "*-mini-*" variants
* ensure all the "[prefix-]*" elements include the potential borders (e.g. the "north-*" ones have the "*left*", "*bottom*" & "*right*" ones)
(often simply renaming the "*-mini-*" variants to their non-mini counterparts and removing the old ones before is all to do)

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