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The plasmoid metadata.desktop file can provide the key


It's a list, so one plasmoid can provide more than one feature

name feature
org.kde.plasma.launchermenu The plasmoid offers a "start menu" capability, a menu-based way to launch applications
org.kde.plasma.time It's a clock in any form
org.kde.plasma.date It's a calendar, or provides one
org.kde.plasma.multitasking The plasmoid assists multitasking, such as a taskbar or a dock
org.kde.plasma.filemanager Provides a filesystem view and some filemanager features
org.kde.plasma.trash system trashcan access and control
org.kde.plasma.virtualdesktop virtual desktop management tools, such as a pager or a button to trigger the show desktops effect
org.kde.plasma.activities Activities management tools
org.kde.plasma.notifications show notifications

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