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Writing a Service
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cover services, .operations file, .operations dtd spec, perhaps make a service like the pastebin one or something. idk, something easy.


also mention how a service can access the dataengine via it's pointer(I think that's in public api), if it really really needs to(e.g. plasma-kdm can't live without that)

The Plasma Engine Explorer

A very useful tool for anyone writing services is the Plasma engine explorer. You can use it to see test services by launching them by running

<syntaxhighlight lang="bash"> plasmaengineexplorer

If the service you want to test is associated to a source, you can access a dialog to launch the service and set its parameters by using the contextual menu of the source and selecting "Get associated service"


The Code

This tutorial will cover adding a service associated with a source into an existing data engine.

The Description of the Service and its parameters

Writing an Operations File

The Main Code

Responding to Request for the Service Associated to a Source

Writing the Code Executing the Action of the Service

Building it


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