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;[[/Python/Using widgets|Using widgets]]
;[[/Python/Using widgets|Using widgets]]
:''Introduction to using Plasma widgets''
:''Introduction to using Plasma widgets''
;[[/Python/Using DataEngines|Using DataEngines]]
:''How to use DataEngines from a plasmoid''
== Theme development ==
== Theme development ==

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Plasma Programming with C++

Getting Started With Plasmoids
Creating your first plasmoid in C++ with SVG background, icon and text
Writing a DataEngine
DataEngines provide a standardized interface to various data sources for visualizations to use. Learn what a DataEngine is and how to write one of your own.
Video tutorial
Video and slides from a presentation on libplasma (link to Slides broken)
How to use extenders in your Plasmoid
A simple example that shows how to use extenders in a Plasmoid.

Plasma Programming with Python

Getting Started
Creating and running your first plasmoid in Python
Using widgets
Introduction to using Plasma widgets
Using DataEngines
How to use DataEngines from a plasmoid

Theme development

Creating a Plasma Theme
Guide to creating your first Plasma theme



  • tutorials for other languages (JavaScript, Ruby, etc...)

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