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Plasma Programming with C++

Getting Started With Plasmoids
Creating your first plasmoid in C++ with SVG background, icon and text
Writing a DataEngine
DataEngines provide a standardized interface to various data sources for visualizations to use. Learn what a DataEngine is and how to write one of your own.
Video tutorial
Video and slides from a presentation on libplasma (link to Slides broken)
How to use extenders in your Plasmoid
A simple example that shows how to use extenders in a Plasmoid.

Plasma Programming with Python

Getting Started
Creating and running your first plasmoid in Python
Using widgets
Introduction to using Plasma widgets
Using DataEngines
How to use DataEngines from a plasmoid
Writing DataEngines
How to write your own Plasma DataEngine

Plasma Programming with Ruby

Getting Started
Creating and running your first plasmoid in Ruby

Creating a Plasma Widget in Ruby

Tutorial that shows how to create your first Plasma Applet using the Ruby language. Following these instructions precisely however leads to the error "Could not find requested component: plasma-ruby-web-applet" on OpenSUSE 11.1 KDE 4.2RC1.

Theme development

Creating a Plasma Theme
Guide to creating your first Plasma theme



  • tutorials for other languages (JavaScript, Ruby, etc...)