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Using MarbleWidget in your project.

This is a small HOWTO describing how I used Marble in my university project. Some facts: - The build environment I used was CMake - I used the latest Marble SVN version (because it had the latest features)

To be able to #include and to link Marble in your project, you have to add the Marble headers and library in your CMakeLists.txt file:

INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES( ...yourDirectories /usr/local/include/marble) #or whatever the path to your Marble installation(!)

TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES(yourProject ${QT_LIBRARIES}; marblewidget)

To actually use the widget, it's quite easy. I had a pointer MarbleWidget *mwidget; and used it like any other widget, e.g: mwidget->show(); mwidget->moveLeft();

You can get the default theme (map) up and running as a widget with the following: mwidget = new MarbleWidget; mwidget->setMapThemeId("earth/srtm/srtm.dgml"); For a screenshot of what I did, see (it's the one with the satellites) - thanks tackat. If you want to have to source of my project or want further information, drop a line and I'll gladly try to help: claudiu dot covaci at gmail dot com

Have fun!

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