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Writing and Generating Reference Manual Pages



API documentation

The API documentation is generated from the KDE source code using the doxygen program. We provide a simple wrapper script called that sets the necessary configuration.

To use:

% cd trunk/KDE/kdelibs
% ../kdesdk/scripts/ -d /path/to/kde/share
Replacing {{path|/path/to/kde}} in these instructions with the real path to your KDE4 installation.
Repeat for other KDE modules: {{module|kdepimlibs}}, etc.
Now add {{path|/path/to/kde/share/man}} to your MANPATH environment variable (or add "MANPATH /path/to/kde/share/man" to your {{path|/etc/man.config}} file). At this point you should be about to run 'man KAboutData', for example, from the comfort of your konsole command line.

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