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Dock Widget Tutorial

This tutorial shows examples on how to create docking widgets that dock to your main application.


Start a new project using kdevelop

1. First start the Kdevelop.

2. Select New Project from the project menu

3. Select Simple KDE application located under C++ -> KDE

  1. include "tutkdockwidget.h"
  1. include <qlabel.h>
  1. include <kdockwidget.h>
  2. include <klocale.h>


   : KDockMainWindow( 0, "tutKDockWidget" )

{ // set the shell's ui resource file setXMLFile("tutkdockwidgetui.rc");

//define the main dock - Note: this window does not dock/undock KDockWidget* mainDock; mainDock = createDockWidget( "Falk's MainDockWidget", 0, 0L, "main_dock_widget");

//This can be any widget control QLabel* cw = new QLabel("label1",mainDock,"label1"); mainDock->setWidget( cw);

//This informs how docking will take place //KDockWidget::DockCorner = dock to all sides //KDockWidget::DockFullSite = dock to all sides + center //KDockWidget::DockFullDocking = KDockWidget::DockFullSite mainDock->setDockSite(KDockWidget::DockFullSite);

//Prevent main docking for beable able to dock mainDock->setEnableDocking(KDockWidget::DockNone);

setView( mainDock);

//this tells the kDockMainWindow what control to use as its master dock control setMainDockWidget( mainDock);

//Here is really where the window that docks/undocked is defined KDockWidget* dockLeft; dockLeft = createDockWidget( "Intially left one", 0, 0L, i18n("The left dockwidget"));

//Again this can be any control QLabel* aw = new QLabel("label2",dockLeft,"label2"); dockLeft->setWidget( aw);

//Dock the control to the left side with 20 width dockLeft->manualDock( mainDock,KDockWidget::DockLeft,20); }

tutKDockWidget::~tutKDockWidget() { }

  1. include "tutkdockwidget.moc"

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