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Tutorials are the fastest way of finding out what KDE will do for you, and how to do it. Here is a list of currently available tutorials for KDE2 development.

If you are working with a newer version of KDE, such as KDE3 or KDE4, these tutorials are probably of limited use to you. For tutorials covering more current KDE development topics, visit the main tutorials page

Getting Started

A KDE tutorial, KHello
A KDE 2 programming tutorial by Daniel Marjamäki. This tutorial introduces the KDE APIs using a graphical version of the world famous 'hello world' program. This document is also available in single download as a gzipped tar file.

Components and Plugins

Creating KParts Component
Tutorial on IBM DeveloperWorks, by David Faure shows developers how to create KParts components, under KDE 2 and KDE 3.
KParts demonstration
Tutorial by at kde dot org Philippe Fremy demonstrating the use of KParts in KDE 2 applications, including KOffice.
GUI building with KDE
An introduction to creating a basic KDE 2 application.'
Writing Plugins For KDE Applications
This tutorial aims to demonstrate how easy it is to write plugins for KDE 2 using KParts.

Scripting and Application Automation

KDE Automation writeup
Document by Olaf Zanger showing an overview of the scripting capabilities in KDE 2.x. Includes usage of "dcop", "kdcop", scripting languages, xmlrpc, and a FAQ.

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