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Development/Tutorials/Debugging/Debugging IOSlaves/Debugging kio sftp

This page is a starting point for debugging kio_sftp. Please also read how to debug IO slaves generically.


When you point file manager to sftp://user@target, the sftp kioslave uses libssh to open a connection to the sftp server.


You may want to switch on logging for kio_sftp.

In this example, we want to log the output to /tmp/kio_sftp.log. Open a konsole or run the command 'kdebugdialog --fullmode'.

In the "Debug Area" select "7120 kio_sftp". In the Information box select 'Information' as the "Output" and use '/tmp/kio_sftp.log' a the "File".

To enable logging you have to reload the slave system. You can do this by calling:


Logging with libssh debut output

To enable libssh debug messages in addition you have to set an environment variable before calling kdeinit.


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